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Personal loan for the unemployed

This term refers to the granting of a loan to a person who is currently not in employment. He is looking for work. Despite this unemployment, the person concerned tries to get a loan. With limited unemployment, the chances of getting credit increase. Under which conditions, despite unemployment, is a loan granted? In order to […]


What are bad loans and why they are bad for the economy

One of the main tasks of a bank is to provide loans that allow companies to invest and create jobs. Credits also allow individuals to purchase, for example, a car, a home or a new TV. The bank may earn interest from the interest it charges for these credits. However, credit is not risk-free as […]


Construction loan comparison – real estate loan

If the construction of a property is to be carried out, then this will rarely be possible without a building loan. Since many people request the construction loan, just as many banks are represented on the market with this product. If you are looking for a construction loan, you will find a wide range of […]


Credit for Online and Unsecured Companies: Questions and Answers about Loan

There are many doubts when it comes to business credit, especially when the mode is loan with fintechs online. These doubts must exist, after all, they are contracts that involve money and we are here to clarify all possible doubts. Here, in this text, we will show the main doubts and will open spaces in […]


Post office loan for home renovation: what better solutions in 2019?

  Restructuring your home always involves costs that are quite expensive to bear. Many renovations include the renewal of the systems, the installation of more modern and avant-garde systems and structures and many other actions that are often necessary. Those who face such expenses often do not have all the liquidity they need to perform […]